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Step 1. Go to (App) Settings -> enable Update shipping status to Shopify

You need to allow us to update shipment status to Shopify, which is necessary for Shopify Shipping Notifications. 


Step 2. Click Go to Setup

This will lead you to (Shopify store admin) Settings - Notifications


Step 3. Scroll down to section "Shipping", enable these: Out for delivery & Delivered.



Do I need to enable both TrackingMore and Shopify notication emails?

No, you can though. But with both these two features enabled at the same time, your customers will receive double emails of out for delivery and delivered status separately.


How do I know if TrackingMore successfully updates Shopify Orders status?

When an order status from TrackingMore matches the one in Shopify Orders.


What if TrackingMore successfully updates Shopify Order status yet Shopify does not send the email?

You may need to contact Shopify support to find out why. We are only responsible for updating the shipping status, which should automatically trigger a Shopify Shipping Notification.

Last update: 2022-10-24 06:10:52

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